Environmental Friendly 

Wildfire Control 

New product works as a barrier 

preventing wildfires from spreading

Noignis® works through oxygen displacement which is a method for extinguishing and controlling wildfires. The unique product is made of various biodegradable ingredients known from the food industry. Noignis® can be combined with any water source and causes no harm to our environment or food chain.

For years industry specialists have sought to develop an environmentally-friendly, easy-to-handle and non-toxic fire retardant.

Such a product has finally seen the light of day, and works by creating a non-toxic barrier that controls and prevents wildfires from spreading further. This wonder product is Noignis®, which name refers to ‘no ignition’ or ‘no fire’.

The military

In the military, you often have large and partly in deserted areas for training and experiments. These environments in live fire exercises can often be exposed to fires. The army have different types of fire-fighting equipment such as special MPVs that can relatively quickly extinguish a fire that has started. Here, Noignis® has proven to be an ideal extinguishing medium.

What Noignis® can do for your fire services

  • When fires do occur the ability to react quickly and extinguish them is critical. With Noignis® fire control is possible within minutes.

Unique and patented

The product is patented in Denmark and applied in 160 countries

One of the biggest challenges at the moment in the world the temperatures are rising - whether they are due to nature's own whims or whether they are man-made is another story. The important thing is that there is a rapidly increasing number of so-called "wild fires" in many places on our earth. For many years we have seen the powerful fires in the USA and Australia, but now we see fires almost everywhere. Even in the northern part of Scandinavia.

That is why we at NoIgnis have developed a fire retardant and a fire extinguisher which is based on completely "green" and non-toxic products. The raw materials are sourced from the food & feed industry and therefore the products are both approved in the EU and in the USA (FDA). The non-toxic, environmentally friendly nature of Noignis® means that it can be used anywhere and everywhere, without detriment to the local ecosystem something not possible with other chemical systems.

How it works

In order to test our new flame retardant, we had to simulate a wild firein miniscale tostart with. To simulate very dry gras, old leaves, etv. we used dry wood wool, and made 2 areas, Each in the size of apx. 2 x 0,5 x 0,1 meter and 1 kg. The area to the left, was protectedwith 1 ltr. noignis af fire retardant with spray from the garden pump on the picture. The material absorbed the flameretadant very quickly, and changed from very flammable to not flammable at all within ½-1 hour. After 1 hour we started thefire on the other area til the right side, and it was very fast on fire.

The fire fighting was started "backwards" with treating with noignis in order to protectthe material that was not on fire yet. First then started the ordinary fire fighting, stil with a garden pump with spraying in very small amounts. Total us of noignis was apx. 2 ltr.

This test shows very interestingly that noignis can be used as well for fire prevention, and fire fighting. The explanationis quit simpel, because the liquid consists of apx. 50-50% water and harmless chemicals, and when it is sprayed out wet both the water and the chemical will quickly make the material from flamabel, – to not flammablein a short time. After some time the water will evaporatedue to the high temperatures, but the chemicals will still remain and keep the material not flammable fora longtime.

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