Fires retardant possibilities to the packaging industry

New product works as a barrier preventing fires in the packaging industry

In the packaging industry, expanded polystyrene has often been used as a filler. But EPS is a highly flammable product and this year the industry has looked for other "green" and non-flammable fillers. Noignis® has proven to be the product that can change this. By coating wood and cellulose products with Noignis it’s possible to produce a product which is resistant to fire.

Noignis® has many, many properties, some of which we are only just finding out at the time of writing. In fact, new areas are added every week.

What Noignis® can do for the packaging industry

  • Increase your competitiveness with new opportunities

  • Offer your customers an option to protect their product in a fire retardant material

Unique and patented

The product is patented in Denmark and applied in 160 countries

How it works

Noignis® is supplied with paper during production. The packaging then acts as a fire retardant and offers completely new possibilities.

Ready to safe the harvest?