Pre-Coated wood and thatched roofs for safer living

Wood in buildings and constructions

The use of wood products in buildings is a rapidly increasing area of use, not to mention historical and multi-storey clad buildings - therefore it is important that the developer can get hold of wood, that has fire-retardant properties. 

Noignis® is a flame retardant system which is compatible with traditional pressure impregnation systems.

Pre-coaded thatched roofs

In a number of countries, "thatched roofs" have been used as roof covering for many centuries. Thatched roofs give the buildings good insulation and are beautiful to look at. In a small country like Denmark, there are over 50,000 houses with thatched roofs. The challenge with thatched roofs is the risk of fire, which unfortunately can quickly burn down the entire house.

What Noignis® can do for safer living

  • Preserve the beautiful appearance with a thatched roof without fearing fire from nature and fireworks

Unique and patented

The product is patented in Denmark and applied in 160 countries

Tests have been made in smaller sq. meters areas so far only, but most certainly more tests have to be made in the near future so our company can come up with final solutions to houses where there already is a thatched roof.

The solution will be a mixture of the Noignis® product and a machinery solution to apply the product into the roof.

Ready to make thatched houses safer?