Control fires in the Farming industry

New product works as a barrier preventing field fires from spreading during harvest

In agriculture, there are also increasing problems in the high temperatures. The large and very expensive machines are increasingly exposed to fire, just as fires occur in the fields and crops.

Noignis® has developed an idea that the farmer has his own fire brigade with him by means of a container mounted on the farming machinery. Fast effective treatment of a small fire outbreak is significantly better than allowing a fire to develop while emergency services arrive and the ensuing increased risk to life and property.  

What Noignis® can do for farming

  • Fast effective treatment on site

  • It is possible to have sealing fluid on the trailing tractor

  • Reduced risk to personal personnel and machine damage

  • Great value for the harvest and the final yield

Unique and patented

The product is patented in Denmark and applied in 160 countries

How it works

Soon we bring a video, that shows the effect of Noignis®


Ready to safe the harvest?