Noignis for third party products

Christmas trees and Christmas decorations

Our original vision was to develop a product to be able to protect Christmas trees and decorations. A fire in a Christmas tree or a decoration can quickly develop into a serious fire and, in the worst case scenario the entire house may burn down. One must not forget that often a Christmas tree or a decoration can be months old from cutting to purchase in December.

For the people who still enjoy having a traditional tree and decorations at Christmas time, there is no doubt that people will welcome the opportunity to protect their homes from fire with just a small treatment of Noignis®.  

What Noignis® can do for Christmas

  • Enter the festive season safely without fear of fire in the beautiful decorations and the Christmas tree.

Unique and patented

The product is patented in Denmark and applied in 160 countries

How it works

Spray Noignis® on the Christmas tree before decorating it. Should the accident happen and candles come into contact with the wood, Noignis will act as a fire retardant.

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