Environmental Friendly 

Wildfire Control 

About Noignis®

Our manifest

We create products that make good sense for both people, function and the environment. It permeates our way of thinking and doing business. Our driving force is to use natural ingredients to fight the increasing problems of wildfires in Europe and the rest of the world.

Our solution is Noignis®

From idea to world news product

The idea for the development of the product, which is now called Noignis®, took place over many, many years. The main person behind the product has worked with raw materials for industrial use, including non-flammable raw materials, for and in the last many years in the chemical industry with supplies to a number of industries, including raw materials and materials of all kinds for food use, etc.

Danish power behind Noignis

Noignis® is owned by several large and small companies and individuals in Denmark.