Environmental Friendly 

Wildfire Control 

New product works as a barrier 

preventing wildfires from spreading

Noignis® works through oxygen displacement which is a method for extinguishing and controlling wildfires. The unique product is made of various biodegradable ingredients known from the food industry. Noignis® can be combined with any water source and causes no harm to our environment or food chain.

The past decades, industry specialists have sought to develop an environmentally-friendly, easy-to-handle and non-toxic fire retardant. 

Such a product has finally seen the light of day, and works by creating a non-toxic barrier that controls and prevents wildfires from spreading further. This wonder product is Noignis®, which name refers to ‘no ignition’ or ‘no fire’. 

Unique and patented

  • The Noignis® product is unique in several ways:
  • The product can be mixed with any water source
  • Based on an innovative formula with ingredients known from the food industry
  • Local flora and fauna treated with NoIgnis during a wildfire will be unaffected and continue to thrive

  • EEC and FDA approved
  • The product is patented in Denmark and applied in 160 countries

The environment will not suffer from chemicals used under the fire